What do you do when you have back pain during pregnancy and you are unable to reach for pain killers? Chiropractic can help throughout the entirety of your pregnancy to help alleviate pain.

During pregnancy all expectant mothers are advised to avoid taking unnecessary risks and when in pain a natural remedy is almost definitely sought. Chiropractic is done by hand without the use of medication or drugs and chiropractic techniques can be applied to a pregnant woman. The techniques a chiropractor would use during pregnancy are gentle and effective.

The aim of chiropractic during pregnancy

The aim of chiropractic during pregnancy is to help balance the spine to reduce tension in the supporting muscles and to improve message transport between the central nervous system and spinal nerves.  The spinal nerves supply all the areas of skin, muscles and organs in the body.  In pregnancy the spinal nerves supplying the uterus are so important to be well functioning.   Through chiropractic, pregnant women may be able to improve the function of their body with the end aim of a completely natural birth.

Fundamentally the key roles of a female body are pregnancy and birth; followed by the ability to breast feed.  Therefore this is one of the main aims a chiropractor has when working with a pregnant patient.  Through balancing the pregnant spine, muscles and ligaments of the anterior and posterior pelvis the chiropractor aims to remove pressure on the vertebral discs of the spine.  By doing this back pain during pregnancy can be drastically reduced.

Spinal nerves are very sensitive to pressure and if irritated or stretched from pelvic or low back imbalances during pregnancy this may cause leg and buttock pains along with back ache.  Chiropractors may apply soft tissue techniques to the leg and gluteal muscles along with adjustments during pregnancy chiropractic treatment.

With the treatment and successful pain relief of many pregnant patients at Lilliput Health, chiropractic is a real must for all those who want to improve their pain levels or overall pregnancy care.