Lilliput Health’s Chiropractor Dr Lisa Donovan discusses the process, affects and potential remedy to the issues related to babies during childbirth.

A lot of patients here at Lilliput Health are often quite surprised to see the number of babies and toddlers in our waiting room on a daily basis, waiting for their treatment! A lot of them will ask about how we treat babies and what sort of conditions Chiropractic care can help with. Our older patients seem surprised to hear that we treat so many babies here and below is a little overview as to why…

Can the birth process affect children’s spines?

The birth process can often be a very traumatic experience for a baby, even if a natural birth has occurred. The use of any instruments such as forceps/ ventouse, can increase this stress and a baby can become very unsettled and irritable following delivery.

The resulting irritation to the nervous system can be the cause of many health complaints in newborn children. There is frequently a lot of muscular tension found in the newborn where he/she has been confined to such a small space and this can lead to numerous conditions including infantile torticollis, irritability and neck discomfort.

What kind of health complaints?

Colic, unexplained crying and poor appetite are amongst the most common conditions we see here at Lilliput Health. Occasionally, the newborn will not want to breastfeed from the mother or will favour one breast more than the other simply because the baby may be experiencing discomfort when turning their neck to one particular side.

As baby grows up, we often see delayed onset of crawling and walking, simply because the pelvis isn’t functioning quite as effectively as it could be putting strain and stress on the joints; making crawling and walking extremely difficult and uncomfortable! These musculoskeletal problems are more often than not, easily treatable by Chiropractors at Lilliput Health.

When should I have my baby checked?

Some parents take their babies to a Chiropractor a day or two after birth. However, as a baby learns to support its own head, starts to crawl and then take its first steps are all good times to have your baby’s spine checked. It is inevitable that during these periods the baby is going to experience bumps and falls which can all cause different traumas to the spine.

What sort of treatment is available?

Our Chiropractors modify their techniques for babies and young children. The treatment our Chiropractors at Lilliput Health provide is very gentle and controlled, utilising a lot of toys and soft cuddly bears to keep the baby relaxed and entertained! Youngsters usually respond really well to Chiropractic care because they have not suffered years and years of trauma to their spine and so do not have the inevitable scar tissue that many adults have.

A common side effect of treatment we hear about frequently at Lilliput Health, is that baby sleeps really well after their treatment and becomes more settled over the following days – perfect if you have been suffering sleepless nights! Many children from 1 day – 16 years old enjoy the trip to their Chiropractor and quickly get used their adjustments.

If you are unsure if Chiropractic could help you or your baby, please give us a call today on 01202 725090.


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