Many pregnant patients experience low back and buttock pain or leg pains during pregnancy, which can be the reason they seek chiropractic help or alternatively they may try chiropractic if they are told their baby is in a breech position.


Pregnant women often have chiropractic treatment for pain relief, as this is one of the only drug free and safe methods of pain management.  There are also many women who continue with chiropractic care right the way through pregnancy and afterwards.  They are educated by their chiropractor to understand how the body works and they would like their body to be at optimum function during this important body transformation.  In particular they use chiropractic to help support pelvic alignment, in the hope of aiding optimal fetal position and prevent breech position, with the end goal for many pregnant women being to have a natural birth.


 Chiropractic in pregnancy


The key role of chiropractic in pregnancy is to help the spine to move efficiently allowing the spinal nerves; which exit from the joints to send and receive messages.  The most important of these communications in pregnancy is the flow too and from the uterus.  With gentle chiropractic adjustments this can aid spinal function.  The nerves also supply the surrounding muscles of the pelvis, which are vital in pelvic stability, and must work well in order to contract and relax the muscles.

With a well functioning spine and good pelvic balance the pregnancy may become more comfortable and thus more enjoyable for the expectant mother.  Chiropractic care post pregnancy is also popular for breech babies, not only for the baby but mother too.

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