Here at the Lilliput Health Clinic we have a trusted team of 5 chiropractors, who all treat conditions relating to the shoulder. Frequently the chiropractors at Lilliput Health are asked by patients whether they treat other conditions/ injuries/ joints in the body other than those of the spine, pelvis or neck. In fact, chiropractors are neuro-muscular-skeletal specialists which mean that chiropractors may help to treat all nerves, muscles and joints within the body.

Shoulder pain is a common issue that our Chiropractors in Poole help to manage. Shoulder pain may result from direct trauma to the shoulder, repetitive strain injuries and over use syndromes, referral from the nerves and muscles of the neck or as a result of suffering from conditions like frozen shoulder.

Our chiropractors at Lilliput Health will need to carry out a full medical assessment of the patient before treatment can commence as long as it is deemed appropriate for that individual patient. A detailed medical history will be taken before a physical assessment is carried out. The shoulder will be assessed for its movement patterns and muscular strength, followed by orthopaedic and neurological tests being undertaken.

Your chiropractor will then make a diagnosis to which treatment may begin or referral for further investigations i.e. ultrasound or MRI scans and x-rays are requested. Treatment is tailored to the individual patient and their condition. This may include muscle stretches, adjustments, dry needling, trigger point work and rehabilitative exercises.

Common shoulder complaints that Chiropractors may help treat include sports injuries of the shoulder, frozen shoulder, impingement syndromes, bursitis and many others.

If you are unsure whether chiropractic is suitable for you or your shoulder condition, then please call Lilliput Health (Poole or Bournemouth) on 01202 725090 and somebody will be happy to discuss your queries with you.