Our team of chiropractors here at Lilliput Health not only treat backs; they are also able to treat your clicky and painful jaws as well!

Overview of TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction is an umbrella term used to describe disorders that involve the temporomandibular joints and its surrounding structured including the muscles. The muscles around your jaw are particularly important as every time you speak, eat, chew, just moving your mouth they are being worked and like other muscles, they are capable of becoming overworked and susceptible to muscle imbalance.

What causes TMJ Dysfunction

There are a number of different reasons why people may suffer from jaw pain but a full medical history from our team should help pin-point why this pain is happening and then manage the condition. A common reason includes associations with bruxing (grinding teeth) and clenching the jaw subconsciously.

What our Chiropractors do

Our team of chiropractors at Lilliput Heath, alongside a full neuro-musculoskeletal examination, can carry out a focussed examination on your jaw in order to get a clear picture about what exactly is going on. Research studies have shown that increasingly, people suffering from TMJ dysfunction are responding more effectively to conservative treatment such as manipulation and soft tissue techniques instead of mouth guards.

What does treatment involve?

The treatment you will receive will vary depending on your condition but a chiropractor will go through this with you at our Report of Findings visit but may include manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue work, trigger point release to the muscles and strengthening and retraining the muscles to solve any imbalance and stop the problem reoccurring!

If you have any questions or are unsure if chiropractic care could help your jaw discomfort, why not give us a call on 01202 725090 or email info@lilliputhealth.co.uk and book in for a FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our chiropractors.