Sports Massage and Chiropractic

Why does Sports Massage and Chiropractic treatment complement each other?

Our musculoskeletal frame is created my a series of muscles and other soft tissues which attach to the bones of our skeleton. The skeleton acts as our scaffolding and the muscles enable movement of this structure. Muscles often need to work together in pairs or groups in order to control movements of the body and to maintain our posture. Due to the nature of our occupations, lifestyles, hobbies etc, we inevitable have one dominant or stronger side i.e. people often say they are right handed or lead with their right leg. This dominance can lead to imbalances in our muscle structure. The stronger muscles get progressively stronger whilst the weak ones gradually get weaker. Over time, the body has to adapt and compensate for these muscle imbalances and may eventually lead to you suffering with poor posture, pain, headaches, numbness and tingling symptoms.
Chiropractic and sport massage treatments work together to improve your posture and relieve the symptoms you experience.
Chiropractic helps to mobilise and stretch the joints involved. This in turn stretches the soft tissues that attach to the bones and helps to reduce pressure on the nervous system.

Sports massage works by stretching the tight, short, dominant muscles. It aids flexibility and suppleness of the muscles.

A combination of both treatments gives better results, more quickly.

Lilliput Health in Poole offers both Chiropractic care and Sports massage.  If you have any questions regarding either of these 2 treatment modalities then please contact a member of the Lilliput team who will be willing to help.