3 Common Myths about Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a health profession involving the assessment and treatment of various musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

Physical Therapy being the common name outside of the UK, you are more likely to know it as Physiotherapy or perhaps just Physio.  There are many misconceptions about Physical Therapy, and at times – we professionals we have even been nicknamed “physio-terrorists!”  Rest assured this is far from the case!

“Physiotherapy treatment consists only of exercises”

Physiotherapists are trained in many different treatment techniques and approaches.  Exercises only form part of the treatment and recovery process and are given to patients in addition to any necessary hands on treatment that is specific to their condition.  Home exercise programmes are designed to further improve your condition and promote carry over in between sessions.

“Physiotherapy is always painful!”

At times of injury, pain is always present.  A Physiotherapist will always thoroughly assess your symptoms and presentation throughout all of your appointments, and will make judgements on the treatment and exercises which will be suitable and manageable for you to do.  There will be times where your Physio will carry out certain tests or movements to help diagnose your problem which can irritate your pain. Everything will be explained in depth prior, and nothing will be carried out should you decline or express concern.

“Physio is only for Sports people”

A statement we frequently hear which is entirely false! Everyone can benefit from Physiotherapy. Whether you are young or elderly, play for a sports team or prefer to watch it on the television, Physio is perfect for your aches and pains as well as specific injuries.  Our Physiotherapists in Poole based at Lilliput Health, assess and treat all musculoskeletal conditions ranging from rehabilitation after surgery and specific sports related injuries to low back pain and repetitive type strains.


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