Neck Pain and Whiplash

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Neck pain can be a great worry to many people and Physiotherapists commonly have patients presenting with a multitude of differing symptoms. The incidence of neck pain varies within current literature and in a 2010 review it was estimated with a prevalence of 0.4%- 86.8% of the population. This was higher in groups such as office workers, women and urban areas.


There are different types of neck pain which have been identified within clinical guidelines.

Non-specific neck pain

This is also known as ‘simple’ neck pain and doesn’t have a specific underlying disease causing the problem. Symptoms are normally due to differing factors such as posture, neck strain, sporting and occupational activities, anxiety and depression.

Cervical radiculopathy

Usually caused by nerve root compression or injury within the cervical spine. Symptoms can include arm pain or pins and needles and pain on certain movements. Cervical disc dysfunction or degeneration within the neck can lead to this.

Whiplash injury

Sustained either through motor vehicle or sporting accidents.


The correct term is Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) and it is a common injury treated within the UK. It usually occurs after rear or side motor collisions or after sporting accidents, such as horse riding, diving or during rugby. The definition for WAD is:

Bony or soft tissue injury of the neck following a sudden acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer. In the acute stages it typically causes neck pain, headache which may occur hours or days after the incident.


Our expert Chartered Physiotherapists regularly see clients complaining of all of the above. Physiotherapy can help by providing a thorough and in depth assessment of the structures within the neck to primarily rule out any serious injury or condition and secondly to identify the nature and cause of your symptoms.

Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment can commence to address any loss of range of movement, referred symptoms and muscle spasm. Exercises may be given to support any treatment provided by one of our physiotherapists to further help reduce your pain and symptoms.

You may have recently hurt your neck, been in an accident or had a long-standing neck problem which you haven’t had checked out, either way our professional physiotherapists at Lilliput Health are here to help. Call us in the clinic today on 01202 725090 to book an appointment. Alternatively why not visit our Neck Pain Blog for some further information.

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