Why choose Lilliput Health?

With providing treatments across 10 other locations, Lilliput Health has become the biggest Physio, Sports Massage and Chiropractic provider on the sunny south coast. And why… because we continue to deliver high quality services continually striving to be the best provider of private health care services, in this beautiful place we call home. But we don’t like to brag…

Here at Lilliput Health we fix the source not just the symptom, we are excellence driven and as highlighted in our name, your health is at the forefront of our priorities.

We have an extremely experienced and highly professional team of health care practitioners, who within our state of the art clinics specialise in the following areas:

If you’re still wondering WHY TO CHOOSE US, well here it is. We keep the quality high at all times, we provide unrivalled service, we have open and clear communication and honesty is our best policy. Surely it’s a no brainer?


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What are Verrucae and how to treat them

What are Verrucae and How are they Treated? Verrucae are warts that are often found on the plantar aspect (soles) of the feet or around the toes. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). ...

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