Acupuncture in the Treatment of Swine Flu

Can acupuncture treat swine flu?

Before writing this blog I thought that I would do a google search and ask ‘Can acupuncture treat swine flu?’

I was amazed, only 1480 search results with only several relevant articles. In fact Acupuncture is extremely effective in treating even full blown attacks of influenza, and I believe that this information needs to be disseminated to the public.

There are two main methods of treatment. The first involves directly removing the virus from the body using what is called ‘acupuncture sedation technique’. The second is ‘immune support’ which involves direct stimulation of the immune system which (perhaps surprisingly to some) can be targeted very specifically using Acupuncture. Sedation is used curatively, when somebody is actually ill with flu or when some foreign substances need to be removed from the body, an example of this would be old anti-biotics that have become stuck in the system (because the liver cannot process them) and are affecting the immunity. It is actually possible to completely remove the virus in one treatment. Immune support is used mainly preventatively and is the technique I use to re-build a damaged immune system post-flu, or to build immunity generally. This is usually achieved over a course of treatment.

A few minutes research on the internet will tell you the use of Tamiflu, the swine flu vaccine is extremely controversial. Many writers believe that its development was rushed by Gilmore Sciences, with some going so far as to say the complications of Tamiflu can outweigh the health benefits in some cases. In the 13 years since I started practicing Acupuncture I have witnessed a large shift in the attitudes of the public. Nowadays most people are aware that all drugs have their side effects, and at Lilliput Health we believe there is a place for all forms of medicine, and pharmaceutical medication is an essential part of a balanced healthcare system. Thankfully nowadays people have more choice and Acupuncture is increasingly seen as a viable alternative to medicines in the treatment of many different conditions and diseases. I hope in the future acupuncture will be an option for more people concerned about or suffering from influenza.