Back Pain Clinic – Physiotherapy in Poole

Lilliput Health’s Physiotherapist in Poole Rebecca Wyatt offers some key advice on how to manage back pain in a specialist back pain clinic.

We often suffer from back pain at some point in our lives, whether it’s related to the sports and hobbies we do, our work or through specific injury.  It’s during these occasions where we are left unsure of what we can do to help it and even whether we should avoid movement all together.

Evidence has shown that complete bed rest is inadvisable and unfavourable for all back conditions.  Try gentle movement in the directions you are most comfortable initially, using small ranges of movement first.  Prolonged positions such as sitting may be problematic so break up these periods by standing and walking around the room regularly to avoid feeling like you have stiffened up whilst in the chair.  Use an ice pack wrapped in a towel for no more than 20 minutes into the areas where you feel sore and discomfort every 2-3 hours.

People often complain of difficulty finding comfortable positions to rest in.  When sitting in a chair, or whilst driving, aim to be well supported with pillows to keep you in an upright position, avoiding a slumped and flexed position. At night, use pillows to achieve a supported upright position when lying on your back, or alternatively try a high side lying position if being flat is too uncomfortable.  If your pain and symptoms are at a level where it is affecting your movement and/or daily activities it is advisable to visit a Physiotherapist to discuss your problem and receive a diagnosis.

At Lilliput Health our Physiotherapists regularly see clients suffering with back pain of all types and severity, whether it has just occurred over the weekend or whether it has been present over a longer period of time. For each and every one of our clients we ensure they receive a thorough assessment with a guided treatment plan along with education and advice to ensure the problem is effectively managed and most importantly gets better.

If you have been searching for a specialist back pain clinic, and have suffered acute or long term discomfort, call Lilliput Health today to book yourself an appointment.  Or alternatively, if you are unsure and wish to discuss your symptoms in more depth, call and ask to speak to one of our Physiotherapist’s in Poole today who will be more than happy to help.