Bloating, why do we have it?

What is bloating?

Bloating or trapped wind can be a result of many variables.

Women predominantly suffer with bloating more than men and this can be due to hormonal imbalances in the body.

Other factors that may affect bloating can be:

  • Not chewing adequately: meaning that the digestion is unable to begin in the mouth and so the stomach and small intestine have lot a more work to do, meaning air is a by product of this. Talking whilst eating means your body is swallowing air and this air then needs to go through the digestive system, meaning you feel bloated.
  • Dietary reasons can be a large part of someone who suffers with bloating.  Intolerances of certain food types as well as mixing food groups can again mean the body produces more air during digestion. Certain food types such as beans and pulses create more air whilst digesting.
  • Age can be another factor in bloating. As we get older our digestive enzymes can deplete so it is harder to digest certain food types meaning air is created during digestion.

Many of my colon hydrotherapy clients complain of feeling generally bloated, however after a treatment of either abdominal massage or colon hydrotherapy they feel incredible differences within themselves and their waist bands!