Muscle Strains and Tears

Muscle Strains and Tears Muscles function to provide movement and are integral to all normal daily activities and sporting pursuits. A muscle attaches directly onto bone via tendons and are able to produce very strong contractile forces. There are many muscles throughout the body all with differing functions. Muscles can be classified as either involuntary (such as the heart) or voluntary like the biceps muscle. Voluntary muscles are also known

Sports Massage for Cyclists

Get your legs moving smoothly with Sports Massage Therapy at Lilliput Health in Poole, Dorset! Research from Chukyo University in Japan demonstrated that a ten-minute massage after a hard workout lowered cyclists‘ perceived leg fatigue and increased power. Sports massage at Lilliput Health is one of the most important tools that make a successful cyclist, yet it is often overlooked. For a competitive cyclist regular massage is almost as important

What are Trigger Points?

What are Trigger Points? Muscles can easily develop specific areas within them which are tight, aching or weak. If you feel the muscles around your shoulder blade you will likely feel areas of tension and lumps (also known as knots). Push into these areas and you could experience a level of pain/discomfort as you do. There are two types of Trigger Points: • Active trigger points where the pain is

The Benefits of Sports Massage for Runners

‘Is running, just about running?’ Make sure Sports Massage is part of your training programme. Most of us know we need to do strength work and stretch to improve our running, but we should be scheduling regular sports massage to keep on tiptop form. The importance of sports massage for runners Most people think of running as a leg workout, but it actually engages the whole lower-body as well as

A Closer Look at the Many Benefits of Sports Massage

How can sports and remedial massage help you? Sports and remedial massage is beneficial to people in all walks of life; athletes, occasional sports enthusiasts or even those who spend all day working in an office.  Everyone can benefit from this treatment in some way. Different techniques can be used to release the tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues due to over-use, inactivity or through injury.  There

Sports Massage and Chiropractic

Why does Sports Massage and Chiropractic treatment complement each other? Our musculoskeletal frame is created my a series of muscles and other soft tissues which attach to the bones of our skeleton. The skeleton acts as our scaffolding and the muscles enable movement of this structure. Muscles often need to work together in pairs or groups in order to control movements of the body and to maintain our posture. Due

Benefits of Sports Massage for Triathlons

Triathlons are one of the fastest growing and popular sports in the UK.  However the demand of training and racing three separate disciplines together places large stresses and demand upon the body. Training for each of these disciplines on their own is hard enough, yet alone for all three together.  Recovery and maintenance is even more important as a result.  Sports massage is a huge part of this process along

Sports Massage and Posture

What is posture? Posture can be defined as the position in which we hold our body whilst standing, sitting or lying down. What affects posture? There are many internal and external forces that affect your posture; gravity, muscular strength and tension, obesity, pregnancy, stress, poor seat position and desk ergonomics. What are the consequences of poor posture? Low back pain Neck pain Shoulder pain Headaches All of these problems are

Marathon training and sports massage

Many of us run for various reasons, be it fitness, enjoyment, or the challenge of completing a Marathon event. Running has many positive benefits in helping with weight loss, fitness and simply escaping from the rat race.  Although running has these benefits, it is also important to be aware of the effects running can have on the body and more importantly the legs if you don’t warm up and cool

Have you literally got ‘a pain in the neck’?!

How Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can help? The main focus of a sports massage treatment is to restore the length and quality to the muscles. With regards to the neck, try to think of the attaching muscles as guide ropes on a marquee. There is the main pillar through the middle (the spine), the muscles at the back (levator scapulae, rhomboids, part of the traps), the muscles