Chiropractic Awareness Week

Is there such thing as a free lunch?Neck pain - Chiropractor in Poole

To mark Chiropractic Awareness Week, Lilliput Health are offering a very special deal for all new Chiropractic patients.

First of all, we ask you book a Free Spinal Assessment (yes, free).  If after this assessment you feel you would like to have a full consultation and treatment, we will give you a £20 voucher as an introductory offer.

We want everyone to experience the benefits of Chiropractic, which is therapy that not only can treat musculo-skeletal illness, but can help to promote wellness.  So at very least, come and have a Free Spinal Assessment.

The purpose of Chiropractic Awareness week is to make people more informed about how to look after their backs.  Pointers such as;

  • Sit up straight in your office chair and make sure that it is correctly positioned for you.
  • Take regular breaks through the day to stand up or walk around
  • Make adjustments to your work space – screen in front of you, top of monitor at eye level, monitor at arms length away.

If you would like to take us up on our offer, give our reception a call on 01202 725090

Terms and Conditions – Free lunch not included!

Offer expires 20th April 2019.