Chiropractors – What do they do?

Here is an overview of who we are and what you can expect when you visit.

We’ve decided to write a blog about what Chiropractors do as recently we have had a few patients seem very surprised when they find out we study at Masters level and only qualify after a 5 year full time degree! We have also experienced a tremendous amount of positive feedback about the detailed provision of care and education we have provided for patients who were only expecting “a quick crack” and in fact, found they received a lot more care than they bargained for! So we wanted to shout about it a little….and give you a sneak peak overview of what to expect from our wonderful Team of Chiropractors at Lilliput Health.


All 6 Chiropractors at Lilliput Health have studied for 5 years, full time, to achieve a Masters of Chiropractic degree from the very well esteemed Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. The course involves over 100 formal exams both theory and practical including; anatomy, neurology, neuroanatomy, radiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, clinical nutrition, myofascial and adjustive technique and general diagnosis. This is why many patients are surprised when we understand and ask questions about organs, blood tests or other imaging they may have received previously! Since graduating, our Chiropractors undertake additional training every year to ensure that they are constantly adapting and increasing their knowledge and skills, staying up to date with research in order to do their patients the best service possible.

What to expect when you visit Lilliput Health Chiropractor?

When you visit us for the first time, you will be required to fill out some paper work at reception so we can get you registered as a new patient. This only takes a couple of minutes.

In the consultation room, a Doctor of Chiropractic, will take a thorough history from you about your present complaint, previous medical history as well as family medical history. It’s important for us to get as detailed and in-depth knowledge about you so we can gain a very clear picture of what is going on; this will enable us to create a very specific and personalised treatment plan for you.

We will then conduct an examination; this will include taking your vital signs including your blood pressure, testing your muscle strength, reflexes and sensation to assess how well the nerves are functioning – our patients love this and was once described as a full body M.O.T! Then, using a combination of orthopaedic, neurological and functional special tests, we will examine you. This, alongside the history, will provide us with the information we need to make a diagnosis and then create a treatment plan specifically for you and your condition.

On the first visit, we appreciate that you are in discomfort and want to get the problem sorted as soon as possible so we, if appropriate, undertake treatment on the first visit to make you feel a little more comfortable.

Most common techniques used by our Chiropractors:

Mobilisation and manipulation of the spinal and extremity joints
• Muscle release and soft tissue techniques
• Pelvic re-alignment
• Shockwave therapy
• Medical acupuncture
• Thompson drop, orthopaedic blocking, Activator and SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique)
• Postural advice and rehabilitation exercises

In a Nutshell….

Chiropractors treat a huge variety of different musculoskeletal conditions from head to toe and everything in between! During a typical treatment, we will predominantly use manipulation and you may well hear a few clicks and pops along the way! This is absolutely nothing to worry about, it’s just gas being released from the joint – not dissimilar to popping a cork on a champagne bottle! Some dry needles (same application as Acupuncture) may be used if appropriate, to help relax the tight muscles and reduce the achy stiff feeling many people experience (this is great for those achy shoulders and low back pain you may be feeling!).
Your spine is crucial to your whole existence as every nerve that allows you to walk, talk, move, touch, make your heartbeat, comes from your skull or your spine so it is vital that everything is functioning as perfectly as possible. As chiropractors, we are experts in testing these nerves and testing how efficiently they are working. Luckily for our patients, we are also experts at correcting things that aren’t working as well as they could…!

It’s never too late to begin Chiropractic treatment and here at Lilliput Health as we treat people from as little as a couple of days old, to 90 years young. Phone and book a free consult today to see if Chiropractic can help you or a loved one on 01202 725090.