Colon Hydrotherapy – How to effectively cleanse?

Why Colon hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to cleanse?

When you first begin colon hydrotherapy it is generally recommended for an individual to book onto a course of 3 sessions, which is normally carried out within a month.

Why should you have three treatments, why is this beneficial?

The reason for having three treatments is so we can actually cleanse you, rather than just mass eliminate the bowels. The difference between this is that by cleansing we don’t want to just remove faecal matter but actually begin ‘washing the walls’, evacuating old matter and really simulating a true cleanse. Elimination is important in the colonic but getting a full elimination can take time and several sessions. This can be down to a number of reasons and is dependent on the individual.

Session one generally involves a full consultation with a look at your lifestyle, as well as giving you your first treatment, once a full medical questionnaire has been filled in. The first session predominately focuses on hydrating the colon, removing trapped air and begins the process of eliminating faecal matter. Session one really is about getting your body used to the feelings of a colonic. Robyn is very aware that the first session is extremely daunting and sometimes even embarrassing, however having colonics herself and being very experienced, she is extremely gentle and will only work to your bodies’ tolerance.

Session two, like session three will always begin with hydrating the colon and removing trapped, stagnated wind. Robyn will then begin to try and get the body to eliminate fully and encourage you to allow your body to do more with the colonic so you are able to really feel cleansed. Clients generally after sessions two and three really feel well, lighter, cleansed, energised and positive. The results speak volumes.

During a course of three, as well as after individual colonics Robyn does advise clients to take probiotic tablets to replace the bowel flora in the gut that may have been reduced from a colonic.  It is so important once the gut has been cleansed and reset to replace the good bacteria. Lilliput Health, generally has a range of probiotic tablets in stock for your convenience. If you are unsure if you need a course of three sessions why not call our reception and Robyn will call you back to answer any questions and discuss any issues.