Colon Hydrotherapy & Hydration

Irregular? Fatigued? Dehydrated?

To find out more on what can cause this and the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and hydration please read on.

Did you know that every cup of tea or coffee you consume has a dehydrating affect on your bowel?

Did you know that every carbonated drink you consume, regardless of it being ‘diet’ is still filling you full of air and more than likely having a dehydrating affect on your bowel, possible causing irregular bowel movements.

I explain to my colon hydrotherapy clients that if our bodies are not given enough fluid throughout diet it will soon begin to search for fluid from within. The first place it will take this from is the stool. If it takes the water from the stool, it in turn can dehydrate the colon and cause irregular bowel movements. Once this has happened our colon and stools become drier, dehydrated and this often leads to us not being able to go to the toilet regularly and with ease, causing straining and leading to possible functional problems.

If our body begins to become dependent on this toxic water we will soon begin to feel regularly fatigued, moody, increased headaches, unhealthy looking skin and food cravings. Water truly is the best medicine. Colon hydrotherapy can help hydrate you optimally, reduce bloating and help discourage irregular bowel movements.

For more information on changes to lifestyle and to feel hydrated why not contact Lilliput Health and arrange a free 15 minute consultation with Robyn Powell the clinic’s colon hydrotherapist.