Colon Hydrotherapy – Questions and Answers

Colonics can sometimes appear daunting and many clients have a fear of the treatment.

Some clients put off the treatment for years and years from not having questions answered and already deciding it’s too scary. Hopefully this blog will help continue to put your mind at rest.

Do I need to do anything specifically before a Colon Hydrotherapy session?

Before attending a colon hydrotherapy session I encourage my clients to come in as you are. Bloated stomach and all!! I need to assess and see you as you are on a daily basis. I need to talk about your lifestyle, stresses, diet and eating habits with you. I would say though before a session not to come straight from eating a large meal. Ideally it would be good for you not to consume food 2 hours prior to treatment.

Can I have colon hydrotherapy when pregnant?

Here at Lilliput Health we do not treat ladies with colon hydrotherapy when they are pregnant. I know some colon hydrotherapists are happy to treat once the first trimester is over, but personally I would rather send the client to a clinical nutritionist and get their diet and hydration assessed.

Do many people come for treatments when they suffer from IBS?

I would say at least 50% of my client’s that come for colon hydrotherapy have been told they have IBS, present symptoms of IBS or have had IBS previously. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an umbrella term for a multitude of bowel complaints. This can be bloating, spasming, pain, cramping, constipation, diarrhoea etc. The majority of clients suffering with ‘IBS’ generally have a bowel flora imbalance and possibly have a food intolerance. IBS can be caused through stress and sometimes even if the bowel bacterially is in balance, there is no food intolerance present, the body can still have IBS symptoms due to the brain to gut connection. If we are unhappy and stressed so is our bowel and it won’t function efficiently. Colon hydrotherapy can help reduce the bacteria, remove unwanted air and unfermented food that has been unable to be released from the body.

Does colon hydrotherapy affect the bacteria in my gut?

As the previous paragraph states, in colon hydrotherapy we do reduced the bowel flora in your gut. Most clients have the wrong mix of bacteria in their gut causing the bowel to not do its job properly. Colon hydrotherapy reduces this imbalance, then after advice a good probiotic to take that actually repopulates the gut with many strains, strengthens the bacteria and gets the body to the right state of harmony regarding the bowel flora. Certain medication such as anti-biotics, having a stomach bug, diet, travelling and stress all affect the mix of bowel flora in your gut.

For any further questions please contact and make for the attention of Robyn Powell. I will be writing Colon Hydrotherapy Questions and Answers continued shortly.