Had a fall recently?

Physiotherapy can help…

As we grow older, the chances of having a fall can increase and can be really worrying for some people. Sometimes a fall can be due to a loss of balance, tripping over an object or due to a medical condition but it needn’t be the end of the world if you have had a fall.

Physiotherapists are experts in rehabilitation after a fall regardless of whether an injury has been sustained or not. A recent article by Sue Rees, the chair of council at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, reinforces the importance of a physiotherapist in the management of patients who have fallen or are prone to near misses.

Falls can be prevented yet they are the leading cause of death in people aged over 75 in the UK. Physiotherapy led intervention programmes identify and reduce the risk of falling” Ms Rees reported.

At Lilliput Health in Poole we have a team of experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who are able to provide physiotherapy within the comfort of your own home or in the clinic.  Our treatment programmes are centred around each individual, focussing not only on specific strengthening but also on functional exercises.  If you feel our Physiotherapists could help you or if you have recently had a fall call 01202 725090 today to speak with one of our team.


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