Food for Constipation Sufferers

Constipation can affect anyone of us, and usually will during some stage of our life. Some people consistently suffer with constipation and have to resort to using laxatives to help them go. Our body requires a certain amount of water to allow our body to function efficiently. When we are low on water our body searches within and will draw this from the stool as it moves through the gastro-intestinal tract.

Why does constipation occur?

Constipation can occur due to an unbalanced diet, lack of hydration (generally because of caffeine in the diet such as tea, coffee, diet coke and stimulating drinks), emotional stress or a physiological problem. For the majority of constipation clients it would be advised that they should start with slowly increasing the fibre in their diet, alongside improving their hydration – WATER!

There are two types of fibre, soluble – which absorbs water and binds fatty acids to help our stools have gel like softness; and insoluble fibre that gives the bulk to our stool. Soluble and insoluble fibre is found in fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

For many sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C), stewed fruits, cooked vegetables and dried fruits may help alleviate the problem as well as being gentle to the digestive tract.

Food that help constipation

I have listed below some of the foods that may help.  Some may work for you, but not for your friend. Unfortunately with bowel problems one size does not fit all, everyone can react differently.

  • Beans – Canella, garbanzo, kidney.
  • Greens- Kale, spinach, chard.
  • Vegetables- Asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, peas, carrots, squash, artichoke, beetroot.
  • Fruit- Apples, pears, tomato, avocado, kiwi.
  • Dried fruits- Prunes, dates, figs, apricots, papaya, peaches, raisins.
  • Nuts/seeds- Peanuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seed.
  • Whole Grains- Brown rice, millet, barley, whole grain breads.

If the food states that it is a ‘WHOLEFOOD’, this is good.  However check the ingredients list to see that it states ‘whole’ before each ingredient, to ensure that it is indeed truly whole!

Here at Lilliput Health we help a lot of clients with constipation through colon hydrotherapy (colonics) and help the majority feel lighter, less bloated/distended, more energetic and most importantly no longer feeling full!

If you would like to call the clinic on 01202 725090 to see if our colon hydrotherapist, Robyn Powell thinks she may be able to help you feel better, please do not hesitate to call. A professional Colonic irrigation service for the Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas.

Remember that Colon Hydrotherapy is a complementary therapy and cannot be substituted for medical advice. For any changes in your bowel habits you should seek advice from your GP.