Have you literally got ‘a pain in the neck’?!

How Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can help?

The main focus of a sports massage treatment is to restore the length and quality to the muscles.

With regards to the neck, try to think of the attaching muscles as guide ropes on a marquee. There is the main pillar through the middle (the spine), the muscles at the back (levator scapulae, rhomboids, part of the traps), the muscles at the sides (the other part of the traps and scalenes), and the muscles at the front (the sternocleidomastoids and platysma). Tightness or weakness through either will put strain on the spine and subsequently the opposite and surrounding muscles.

With neck pain and most muscular problems there are three issues that need to be addressed:

the tension and trigger points directly in the muscles which will be causing a large proportion of the pain; the joints that the muscles attach onto, in this case the spine; and the strength of the muscles which if left unaddressed, will leave the door open for the problem to come back again.

Most neck issues stem from poor posture which is largely caused by driving, working at a desk/laptop and todays sofa culture. Many patients only come in for sports massage once the postural tension has caused what they think is a new problem. After treating the initial problem, many patients are advised and opt for a maintenance program to keep on top of issues before they arise. When on this program, very few suffer with further pain. So be proactive with your healthcare and book in to see one of our sports massage therapists.