Hypnotherapy Questions and Answers

Common Hypnotherapy questions answered by Lilliput Health’s Hypnotherapist Michaela Cotty

Q. Are there any side effects from hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a perfectly wonderful, natural state and the only side effects are all totally beneficial, such as feeling more relaxed afterwards, confident and more positive about whatever you sought hypnotherapy for. There are no negative side effects of hypnotherapy.

Q. I’ve been to a hypnotherapist before and I don’t think it worked. Does this mean I can’t be hypnotised?

No it doesn’t. The most common reason for the feeling of hypnotherapy not working is down to the rapport you have with your hypnotherapist. If you are uncomfortable and lack trust then you won’t relax, making it hard for you to enter trance. To overcome this make sure you have a good rapport with your therapist; this will make you feel comfortable and you will instinctively instil trust in them when undergoing your therapy sessions. If you can not or do not feel a good rapport with your hypnotherapist, you may want to re-consider which practitioner you choose.

If you are considering hypnotherapy for whatever reason, give Michaela a call today on 01202 725090 or drop us an email at info@lilliputhealth.co.uk. It starts with just one simple phone call, but it could make such a huge difference to your life and those whom you care about around you. Make a positive step today and call Lilliput Health to discuss hypnotherapy treatment plans.