Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Stop smoking hypnosis – smoking cessation hypnotherapy.

We all know that smoking is bad for us and there are so many ways and products to give up smoking but which is the right way?

Smoking is a powerful addiction which, once formed, can be difficult to break along with the habits that come naturally with smoking such as a cup of tea and a cigarette, or whilst driving, to relief boredom or socializing with families and once the habits is formed it is hard to let go and also so very confusing with so many products on the market.

Such as Nicotine replacement Therapy (NRT) this involves nicotine patches, replacement pipes and nicotine gum, these let you maintain the nicotine in your system without the chemicals and tar, therefore less damaging and the electronic cigarette is great for eliminating the nicotine and chemicals however none of these help with breaking the habits, the link to the cigarette. An alternative that smokers like to use is ‘cold turkey’ giving up straight away which is an effective way of quitting smoking, however bad moods, restlessness and cravings can be higher and last but not least is the ‘cutting down’ to finally stop smoking’ this can work with intention and willpower but many smokers who cut down eventually let their cigarette quota creep up to its previous level and then you have alternative methods such as acupuncture and hypnotherapy. The most important step of stopping smoking actually wants to quit. Nothing can help you unless you want to help yourself.

So does Hypnosis work for smoking?

There are many thousands of controlled studies that show that, ‘Stop Smoking Hypnosis’ actually WORKS. Dr. Robert T. London from 2003, “Smoking cessation is an area in which hypnosis has been particularly effective.

Hypnotherapy offers a powerful boost in confidence, motivation and strength and gives you the commitment, courage and willpower to stick to your goal to stop smoking, hypnosis talks to the subconscious mind which is normally guarded by the conscious mind, by being in Alpha state (trance) this allows the subconscious to accept forms of suggestions, suggestions of confidence, willpower, motivation and strength to kick the habit. ‘Stop smoking’ hypnotherapy makes you visualise the affects and how bright the future can be without cigarettes , as well as exploring nicotine withdrawal symptoms and essential help to not gain weight.

Hypnosis unlocks the strength in your unconscious mind, so you can reach you goals.

And just to finish, if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day that’s a staggering £2,190 so over 10 years that’s £21,900, that’s an all inclusive 5 star holiday in the Caribbean for 4 or a nice shiny new car.