Do I Need Rehab?

Does Every Injury Need Rehab?

If you would like to prevent muscle wastage, strength loss and scar tissue build up, then you need to go that little bit further and assist the body in the healing process through Rehabilitation. Rehab is essential when you experience any injury.

The first stage of recovery is understanding how to get from A (the initial onset/occurrence of the injury) to B (back to activities of daily living).

Will The Body Naturally Heal Itself?

No matter what the injury, the body naturally needs to go through the healing process which consists of 4 overlapping phases.

  1. Hemostasis – Blood clotting, acting as a ‘glue’ to bind the damaged tissues back together and preventing further blood loss.
  2. Inflammation – During this process the body ‘cleans’ the area of damaged and dead cells.
  3. Proliferation – Growth of new tissue.
  4. Maturation – Also known as the remodelling phase; collagen (laid down in the proliferation phase) is realigned along tension lines.

Following this, I can imagine you are now asking yourself “Well if the body heals itself then why do I need to do anything extra?”

Why Do I Need Rehab After An Injury?

Quite simply the body will only do enough to cover its basic survival (stop the bleeding, fight infection etc.) but as an individual if we want to return to pain free activities, we need to prevent muscle wastage, strength loss and scar tissue build up which can cause decrease the range of movement.

Did you know… Soft tissue can take up to 2 years to return to how it was before the initial onset of injury. This doesn’t mean it will take 2 years to recover, but it means within this time frame you will need to continue working on assisting your body to return to its previous levels of ability.

This is where following a tailored rehabilitation programme for your aims and needs can really make the difference. Not only will we focus on muscle bulk, range of movement, power, strength etc. we will help prevent compensation in the joints above or below the area of initial injury, removing the worry of any secondary aches and pains developing later down the line.

Here at Lilliput Health we help you understand your road to recovery and work with you to get you back to where you were before the injury. We TREAT the injury, we CURE the injury and we PREVENT it from affecting your life and returning.

If this applies to you, call us today on 01202 725090 and book an appointment with Cally. With Cally’s vast experience in Rehab and Sports Massage she will certainly get you on the right road to recovery.