Is Sports Massage only for sports people?

Sports massage is most definitely not just for athletes

Athletes are few and far between in Poole and Bournemouth, however the ‘weekend warriors’ are fairly frequent visitors down at the clinic after deciding that beginning with a 10k run would be a great way to get to get their fitness back on track

If I was to list the most frequent conditions that people come in to see me for sports massage with it would be; neck pain, upper back and shoulder pain, lower back and hip pain, and tight or sore calves. Most of these aches and pains occur as a result of poor posture at the work desk, long periods driving or manual labourers.

BUT REMEMBER, sports massage or deep tissue massage can be used so effectively as a preventative measure for conditions such as neck or back pain, so why not give it a go? To see what else sports massage can treat, click here.