New Years resolutions- a busy time of year for physiotherapists!

2014; a New Year… A New You?
We all say it and we all commit to making resolutions to get fit, join the gym, may be even go on a January diet. But as we pick ourselves up from the sofa, finish the Christmas chocolates (Mcvities tins of biscuits are my personal waistline weapon) and dig out the dreaded gym gear we could be putting ourselves at risk of injury.

The months of January and February are a busy time of year for Chartered Physiotherapists like myself.  With increasing numbers of people taking up new gym memberships and new hobbies the likelihood of injury, back pain and other musculoskeletal problems become more prevalent.

What can you do to help prevent back pain and and other musculoskeletal problems?

If you are taking up a new hobby or activity start slowly and sensibly, don’t go all out in your first session. You will either put yourself off because you ache too much the next day or you could hurt yourself.  Remember to thoroughly warm up and cool down each time, with gentle stretching and light level activity.  If you are joining a gym then take advantage of the fitness and gym instructors and ask for their help in how best to structure your workouts.

You can also get yourself checked out at the start of your new regime, such as the “well-man” assessments which some GP’s and hospitals offer.  Alternatively, you can address any problems you may already be suffering with before getting stuck into your new fitness plan to prevent any exacerbation of symptoms, for example that pain in the neck you’ve been ignoring when working in the office for the past few months.

Naturally if you do experience pain or an injury we are here to help. Our professional team of Physiotherapists at Lilliput Health in Poole deal with a whole range of niggles and pains, whether an acute injury or an old recurring problem we have the expertise to get you back on track with that New Year’s resolution.

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