Nutrition topic – Crohns

Nutrition topic of the week.  Crohns disease

What is Crohns?

It is severe inflammation most commonly found around the last part of the small intestine otherwise known as the Terminal Ileum.  However, it is different from IBS; Crohns is a bowel disease rather than a bowel disorder.


What are the symptoms of Crohns? 

Diarrhoea, frequent and urgent bowel movements, weight loss, blood in the stools, tiredness, fevers, loss of appetite..


What is the cause of Crohns? 

Most bowel conditions usually start with IBS type symptoms however left unchecked, IBS and its symptoms may lead to bowel disease such as Crohns.  The initial cause may be food intolerances, pathogenic bacteria or even parasites, nevertheless once Crohns is diagnosed it is unfortunately irreversible.  The symptoms can however be significantly controlled through diet and nutritional medicine.


Hot nutrition tip from Carolyn. 

With the complexity of Crohns and the varying symptoms of the disease, the one nutrition tip that Carolyn offers is to investigate your condition until the most beneficial nutrition plan is advised that really works for you.


How can Carolyn help you further?

Subjective questioning and dietary analysis are the start point.  More often than not, 3rd party private laboratory tests can be arranged to find pathogens that may still be present within your body.  Once this process has been undertaken, full dietary advice plus a course of professional natural medicine will be recommended to help calm the area and tackle any aggravating factors to reduce symptoms.