Older People’s Day

This year on October the 1st it is the United Nation’s International Day of Older Persons. The aim of this dedicated day is to promote a healthy active lifestyle after retirement. Our Physiotherapist Rebecca Wyatt explains how to remain active and enjoy your work free days.

As we are all living longer we should all expect to live well. All too frequently we can plunge from a hectic and busy daily routine of work, gym, children and paying the bills to a suddenly empty day where work once used to be. This is your time to shine. Maybe you have had that niggling back pain you never got round to sorting out or quite fancied the local bowls club but the hours never suited? The beauty of time is that you are more available to focus on staying fit and active as well as following a healthy diet.

Here are some suggestions of how to keep active:

1. Join a local class

Whether its pilates, yoga, Zumba Gold (a more subtle version for the over 50’s) or the local ramblers there’s plenty to pick from.

2. Go for a regular walk with a friend

Team up with a pal and arrange a weekly walk. If you have a dog, then why not try once a week to explore somewhere different for your walk?

3. Take up a new hobby

Such as painting, jam making or just attacking the jungle of a garden.

4. Visit your local community centre or village hall

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just involve physical exertion, socialising and meeting friends are fundamental to mental well-being.

5. Get an ‘MOT’ done

Visit your GP for a health check and use this time to visit a physiotherapist to sort out any longstanding aches and pains.
Within the United Kingdom the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) are helping to support this day by celebrating the positive contribution older adults make to our society. In addition there are other charities and organisations in support of this day.

Alternatively if you would like to get on top of things and discuss any aches or pains, our team of Chartered Physiotherapists at Lilliput Health in Poole are more than happy to help. Contact the clinic on 01202 725090 or email info@lilliputhealth.co.uk.