Physiotherapist Participates in World’s Strongest Man Competition

World’s Strongest Physio!

We came across this news article by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and were so impressed it had to be shared!

Meet professional strong man and Physiotherapist Lloyd Renals who debuted in the 2013 World’s Strongest Man competition in China over the Christmas period. You may have spotted him on television as a whopping one million plus viewers tuned in to watch the programme on Channel 5.

Training for these competitions is a huge task, let alone the actual Herculean type challenges which have to be endured in the gruelling competition. All of that on top of working full time!

Mr Renals won one of the heats before being eliminated from the competition. This was the Super yoke challenge where participants have to run 30 metres whilst carrying a 450kg frame on their shoulders.

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