What is a Physiotherapist?

Here at Lilliput Health we have a team of experienced chartered physiotherapists covering appointments across all of our clinics in Bournemouth and Poole. We are regularly asked “what exactly do you do” therefore we decided to outline our role a little more.

A Physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who specialises in helping to restore movement and function in an individual affected by injury, disability or illness. Our aim is to promote health and wellbeing, facilitate management of pain and help to prevent disease and disability. A Chartered Physiotherapist assesses then diagnoses and treats specific conditions occurring in the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neurological systems of the human body.

Typically people will associate a physio with treating muscles and sporting injuries and in part this is absolutely true however there is so much more to our profession. We are movement specialists with in depth knowledge in anatomy and physiology and how our bodies should function. Therefore at times of dysfunction in soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments), bones (plus joints and cartilage) and the nervous system (individual nerves and the system as whole) we are able to provide the best care possible in order to normalise problems.

Here are some examples of problems we can treat:

  • Back pain and sciatica (pins and needles and/or numbness)
  • Neck pain, arm pain or whiplash type conditions
  • Joint problems, Osteoarthritis and specific injuries
  • Acute tendon and ligament sprains and strains
  • Sporting injuries, such as muscle tears
  • For rehabilitation following surgery or after traumatic injury
  • Repetitive strains and work related conditions.

This list is a mere peek at problems and conditions we can assist with. Questions about individual circumstances are welcomed and our team at Lilliput Health are able to take calls to help out where possible. If you require any further information our website has extensive details on specific conditions otherwise, give us a call on 01202 725090 or email info@lilliputhealth.co.uk.