Physiotherapists at the Winter Olympics

The Role of the Chartered Physiotherapist

Our Physiotherapy team at Lilliput Health have been marvelling at the different events at the Sochi 2014 Winter games over the past few weeks, especially the men’s and women’s Snowboard cross event. With the excitement and thrill of watching world class sport we thought it was important to highlight the importance of physiotherapy within sport.

Team GB have a good representation at the winter games with fifty-six athletes competing in ten different events. These boys and girls are incredibly fit and at the top of their game but it is important not to forget the behind the scenes teams that help keep them going.

More often than not the last person these athletes speak with is their physiotherapist, who has been with them throughout training and accompanies them to the Olympics. Preparation is key and the physio’s role is to provide support and an optimal environment for the athletes to compete in their respective disciplines at the world stage. Not to mention coming to the rescue should an injury occur! Without a physiotherapist on board Team GB is not complete, which goes without saying for all of the other equally important members of the medical team.

Chartered Physiotherapists are commonly thought of as being important at the time of an injury, but we also play just as much of a role in injury prevention and enhancing performance. This means that as a professional we are proactive and reactive and this applies to all levels of sports participation. Whether you are a recreational runner, a county netball player or professional skier, the importance of a Physiotherapist is equal to all.

Lilliput Health in Poole boasts a team of skilled Physiotherapists who have a collective experience of dealing with all levels of sporting individuals. If you feel a Chartered Physiotherapist could help either with the rehabilitation of an injury or to enhance your current performance then call the clinic on 01202 725090 for more information.