3 Great Physio Exercise Tips from Lilliput Health

There’s more to physio than just an appointment.

Physiotherapy in the management of musculoskeletal conditions intends on treating the symptoms as well as preventing the problem from recurring, and preventing any other further issues from happening which may affect an individual’s condition from resolving.

This is in part achieved through physio exercises.

Those of you who have attended a session with our specialist physio in Poole before will be well aware that in addition to receiving your physiotherapy treatment, you are given ‘homework’ in the form of exercises and stretches to do at home.  It is important that you follow the advice in carrying out the physio exercises in between each appointment as ultimately it will help with your recovery.

Here at Lilliput Health in Poole our skilled Physiotherapy team regularly instruct patients on various exercises to help with the rehabilitation of their injury or condition.  Below are a few examples of some of the physio exercises we may use.

Eccentric calf stretch.

Stand on the edge of step making sure you have a rail or supporting surface for your hands to maintain balance.  With both of your heels hanging over the edge of step rise up onto your toes. Lift one foot off and gently lower all of your weight through the other leg, keeping your knee straight and allowing your heel to sink below your toes. Hold for 8 seconds in a comfortable stretch and repeat five times.

Alternate lunges.

Standing with your arms crossed over your chest.  Step forward with a large stride on one leg, and gently lower yourself to the ground. You make feel a gentle stretch through your thigh on the trailing leg. Push through your legs up and back and to return to your standing start position.  Repeat on the other leg.

Thoracic rotation.

In a high kneel position on both knees maintain an upright posture with your arms folded across your chest. Keep your pelvis facing forwards and gently rotate your trunk and upper body as far as comfortable to the left and right.  Ensure your head stays in line with your shoulders and body during the movement.

Exercises recommended to you by our expert Physiotherapist in Poole should never cause extreme pain or create a pain after doing the exercises which doesn’t go away.  Should this occur then stop doing the exercises and call your Physio to discuss with them any difficulties you may be having.

If you have any questions or feel that Physiotherapy may benefit you then call our highly acclaimed team at Lilliput Health in Poole on 01202 725090 today to discuss your individual needs.