Post operative physiotherapy

What is post-op physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy plays a major role in recovery post surgery/orthopedic procedures, to get you back to full fitness after your operation. We help you to make the most out of your surgery!

We will assess your strength, range of movement and create a rehabilitation plan that will suit your personal abilities, needs and goals. We offer advice and treatment on post-operative swelling, pain control and specific exercises required to ensure the best and quickest recovery. It is important to have the correct rehabilitation at the right stage of recovery, following surgeons’ protocols.

post op physiotherapy

How can post operation physio help?

Post-op physiotherapy treatment is essential following surgical procedures to ensure the best recovery possible by:

  • Restoring normal movement patterns and habits
  • Restoring optimal mobility of the joint within surgical time limits
  • Strengthening weakened and disused muscles
  • Re-education to reduce compensation strategies from other muscles

Which orthopedic surgery requires physiotherapy?

  • Arthroscopy, labral repair, cartilage removal, tendon or ligament repairs, decompressions, joint replacements, fracture management, injection therapy, fusions, discectomy and muscle tears.
  • This can be for any joint: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, foot or spine.
  • All patients are given post-operative protocols or advice to follow by their surgeon and should be referred for physiotherapy.

It is also very beneficial to have pre-op physiotherapy, to establish your range of movement and requirements pre-surgery and to optimise your strength going into the surgery for better recovery rates post-operation.

If you have any queries regarding your specific planned procedure and want some physiotherapy advice, please contact us today.

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