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Lilliput Health are now offering clinical services at Sandbanks Yacht Company including:



Physiotherapy is a clinical service that is established in the treatment of all kinds of muscular and skeletal problems, including sports and traumatic injuries, general aches and pains and post-surgical rehabilitation.

There remains a misconception that you would only see a physiotherapist for a muscle problem, but as well as the full spectrum of back and neck pains physiotherapy is appropriate for any joint, ligament, tendon or muscle strain in any part of the body.


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Dani Cocking



Preliminary appointment – £45.00

Follow up appointments – £42.00


Sports Massage

Primarily sports massage is an effective technique for breaking down scar tissue, helping to relieve muscle and joint soreness and restoring length and balance to muscles.

Sports massage is also commonly used to assist in the recovery of muscle strains, joint injuries, hip, back, neck and shoulder pain, and postural issues.


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Debbie Stephenson

Cally Morfitt

Caroline Pittard



30 minutes – £26.00

45 minutes – £35.00

60 minutes – £44.00



To book appointments or for further information,

please call Lilliput Health on 01202 72 50 90.