“Just call me Doctor”

The Risks of Self-diagnosing According to our Physiotherapist

“Around 50% of adults are at risk of injury from self-diagnosing pain, without seeking physiotherapy advice.”  These were the findings of a recent survey carried out by Nuffield Health who had surveyed 2,000 UK adults.

The survey showed that 45% of the population suffered with pain once a week and overall, of those who were in pain regularly 77% stated it negatively affected their everyday life.

This is a worrying fact and of great concern to all health professionals. With more and more people inclined to use the internet to make a self-diagnosis the health and well-being of the population is at risk. The risk being that many people will either be doing more harm than good by using incorrect information or by just not doing anything at all.

What is the problem with self-diagnosis?

Now we are all guilty of a self-diagnosis here and there when it comes to the common cold etc but when it comes to low back pain or acute injury only a highly skilled and trained professional, such as a physiotherapist, can accurately assess and diagnose conditions and give appropriate advice.

If you are ever unsure of an ache, pain or other problem then turn to your nearest Physiotherapist or a GP and ask for some advice- we are always happy to oblige!

To view the full CSP article, please follow this link: http://www.csp.org.uk/news/2013/12/18/more-50-uk-adults-risk-injury-self-diagnosing-pain-without-seeking-physiotherapy-adv