Spinal Rehabilitation Classes at Lilliput Health

“1 in 3 adults within the UK will suffer with some form of low back pain each year and of those only 1 in 15 will consult their GP for help.  It is estimated that all types of back pain costs in excess of £1 billion to the NHS alone.  Research into the best management for persistent back pain of longer than 6 weeks duration shows that specific exercise based classes covering the individual’s needs is the best approach.”

Do you suffer with back pain?

Feel like you can no longer go about your daily routine without difficulty arising from pain, stiffness or discomfort in your low back?

Already sought treatment but your problem is still on-going?

Here at Lilliput Health we offer a bespoke service aimed specifically at those who are struggling with a persistent back pain or ache. Our aim is working towards the prevention of on-going back pain through a structured exercise programme along with education and advice on self-management.

Lilliput Health’s Spinal Rehabilitation service is original.  Our sessions range from basic to advanced and are delivered in blocks of 6 classes at a time with each lasting up to 45 minutes. Lead by our Chartered Physiotherapist Rebecca Wyatt, you will receive a 1:1 initial assessment and will then commence with the classes which will be tailored to your requirements based from the initial assessment.

Our Spinal Rehabilitation classes are aimed at:

  • Long term back pain or recurrent back pain
  • Previous inter-vertebral disc injury or mild disc prolapse
  • Past history of spinal surgery
  • On-going difficulty with exercise participation and doing daily activities at home
  • Those who have received alternate treatment which has failed or the pain has returned after completion of the treatment.

The exercises include elements of both Pilates and Functional Strength training making our class unique and different from other gym-based classes within the area.  Our classes are run at a time convenient to you, with the added flexibility of early or evening appointments to fit around your day.

In addition to the flexibility of times, a personalised exercise programme and the full attention of our Chartered Physiotherapist throughout, we are pleased to provide this service at an incredibly competitive price; only £20 per session totalling £140 for a complete course (this includes the initial assessment.)

With value for money like this how can you resist?! Call the Clinic today for further information or to speak with our Physiotherapist if you have a specific query with regards to your problem.

Don’t let your symptoms control you – book now and get started on your path to beating your pain with confidence!