Taken a Tumble?

Taken a tumble?

We’ve all done it, nevertheless falling over is never nice regardless of how old you are. However as we age we are more likely to trip, stumble or have near misses and unfortunately, the risk of sustaining a more serious injury from a fall increases as we get older.

Luckily you can reduce your risk of falling and therefore minimise your risk of serious injury. It has long been recognised that physiotherapy can directly help with decreasing your chances of having a fall. The NICE guidelines suggest a multifactorial approach to addressing prevention of falls and physiotherapy is a major part of this strategy.

A Chartered Physiotherapist can assess balance, strength and gait abnormalities (to name but a few) to identify key areas which will be contributing to your falls. Then, by addressing these individual issues alongside any necessary input from GP’s or other medical professionals, the frequency and chance of having a fall can be reduced.

Falls are not an inevitable part of getting older and you shouldn’t be accepting that you are falling because the number on your birthday card has gone up again. If you have been struggling recently or are indeed feeling off balance then call one of our Physiotherapists at Lilliput Health today. We can even visit you in the comfort of your own home if you can’t make it into the clinic.

For further information and to speak with us directly call Lilliput Health on 01202 725090.

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