Rehabilitation After Joint Replacement Surgery

Rehabilitation After Joint Replacement Surgery Lilliput Health Poole

What is joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery involves the removal of arthritic and painful joints, that are limiting day-to-day function and a person’s quality of life, replacing them with artificial joints. These artificial joints are normally made of differing combinations of metals, plastics and ceramics. The most commonly replaced joints are hips and knees, however shoulders, ankles, elbows and wrists can also be replaced, just much more rarely.

Will I need treatment after a joint replacement?

Yes – unequivocally yes. Every person undergoing a joint replacement should be followed up with Physiotherapy. Physiotherapists can give great advice and reassurance during the early stages post joint replacement, assisting with pain management strategies and modifications to normal daily activities. Due to the invasive nature of surgical intervention, the muscle strength in the operated area will be significantly reduced. Healing and scarring will also interfere with joint range of motion. Physiotherapy helps to return range of motion and strength of the affected areas to normal, helping you to get back to your normal activities, work and hobbies.

What will post-joint replacement rehab consist of?

Rehabilitation normally begins with gentle range of motion exercises, effleurage (a form of massage) for swelling management and use of the PRICE guidelines. Any exercises will be designed to be within your post-operative guidelines, set by your surgeon. Later stages of rehab involve progression to strengthening exercises, more complex range of motion exercises, as well as functional exercises for return to normal walking, working, stairs etc, and eventually return to hobbies and sport. Physiotherapy can help you get from day 1 through to full recovery.

Should I be doing any of this before my joint replacement?

Exercises and preparation before joint replacement surgery – prehab – is a great idea. It has been suggested that greater strength and mobility prior to surgery predicts improved outcomes after surgery. Gentle exercises and strengthening work can help you to achieve this.

If you have recently had joint replacement surgery, or have surgery coming up, and feel you need some advice or assistance with rehab/prehab, our Physiotherapists can help. Please get in touch with our reception team at 01202 725090 to book an appointment, or book online here.

How much does the treatment cost?

Preliminary appointment – £50.00

Follow up appointments – £45.00

Preliminary women’s health appointment – £55

Follow up women’s health appointment – £50

Preliminary paediatric appointment – £50.00

Follow up paediatric appointments – £45.00

Physiotherapy home visit – £60.00

To book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists in either Bournemouth or Poole clinic call us on 01202725090 or book online. 

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