What should I expect to feel after a colonic?

Colon Hydrotherapy has many fantastic benefits, but sometimes after a colonic, clients can feel a bit unwell if they are fairly toxic.

After colon hydrotherapy session’s clients feel hydrated, increased knowledge and restoration of physical, mental and emotional well being.

Some of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy are:

– increased energy through more efficient nutrient absorption,
– confidence and body awareness,
– sense of wellness, sleeping well, able to cope with stress easier,
– clearer and revitalised skin,
– a sense of being cared for,
– aids weight management,
– helps combat bad breath and stagnation,
– reducing bloating through decreased gut permeability and rebalancing intestine flora (a good probiotic is recommended to populate).

Clients that possibly are quite toxic may find that during or after a colonic they go through the healing crisis. This is when toxic residue is released after being stored in the body for some time. Clients suffering from constipation, slow transit time, bloating, poor diet and poor hydration may experience this.

What will I feel during colonic?

Clients can feel slightly unwell, symptoms of a period pain ache, head ache, sense of fatigue. Having these symptoms early during a colonic implies the body is cleansing itself efficiently, if the client experiences some of the symptoms after the treatment it may mean the body is fairly toxic and overloaded.

When thinking of having a colonic and wondering how you may feel after, always remember to not expect an accumulation of a lifetimes waste to be removed in one session it may take a few. Give your body a break!

Everybody is different and some clients find it takes maintenance sessions of colonics to feel more of the fantastic benefits. Colon Hydrotherapy isn’t like a pill, it takes time for your body to recognise the good it can gain from regular cleanses.