Why your wallet can cause back pain and sciatica?

All men with your wallet in your back pocket stand up now! This can cause sciatica (pain running down the leg), and it is referred to as ‘hip pocket wallet syndrome’.

Wallet causing Sciatica

It is caused by people sitting on their wallets full of credit cards and these in turn are sandwiched between your buttock and the chair directly under the region where the sciatic nerve is based. The patient will often present with buttock and upper posterior thigh pain, usually without local back pain. It can also cause an up-slip or rotation through the pelvis, which can have a knock on effect on the spine. It is more commonly seen in those who sit for long periods of time e.g. taxi drivers and lorry drivers.

For all of you who sit on your wallets just remove your wallet before sitting and see how much better it feels! Use a money clip or slim-style wallet that fits in your front pocket or a wallet that attaches to your keys instead.

If the problem persists, book in for a free spinal check with one of the Chiropractors at Lilliput Health.