Your Frequent Questions about Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation involves inserting a small moulded speculum into the rectum, passing water into the large intestine. The speculum itself is designed to allow bi-flow of water so that pressure cannot be forced on the large intestine.

Lilliput health treats a lot of patients with colonics who suffer with many symptoms and conditions from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, bloating etc.  Colon cleansing is important as it helps rid the body of toxins, removes trapped air and hydrates the colon.

It is only natural for patients to have questions about colonic irrigation and so we have asked our skilled colonic Hydrotherapist, Robyn Powell, to answer three of those most common questions here.


Does colonic irrigation treat the large or small intestine?

The main function of the large intestine is to eliminate toxins from the body by fermenting and turning food waste into faeces.

The small intestine is the longest organ in the body and its main function is to chemically break down nutrients and absorb these nutrients into the blood stream.

Colon irrigation treats the large intestine not the small intestine and concentrates on hydrating the colon.  Due to this, a colonic treatment should in no way impact on the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.  It may be recommended for some clients to add electrolyte drinks to their diet for 2-3 days after a colonic as the treatment can deplete sodium and potassium levels short term.  Drinks like coconut water are a really good source of electrolytes.


Can colonic irrigation cause dehydration?

The answer to this is no – the lower part of your large intestine is porous like a sponge and will absorb some of the water administered into it, which in turn helps hydrate the body.


Can colonic irrigation treatments cause infection?

At Lilliput Health, we only use disposable equipment.  We also triple filter the water that is inserted through the speculum into the colon.  If you are contemplating having a colonic irrigation treatment, please make sure that you ask about this (it’s VERY important!).


About Lilliput Health’s Colon Hydrotherapist

Robyn Powell offers colonic irrigation and abdominal massage at Lilliput Health clinic in Poole.  Robyn is governed by the RICTAT organisation which is a specific body controlling standards for Colon Hydrotherapists.  Clients attend the clinic to see Robyn for a variety of reasons from constipation to colon cleansing.

Lilliput health is a private clinic based in Poole Dorset.  The clinic is situated in the stunning area of Lilliput just near the iconic Sandbanks on the south coast.  Lilliput health clinic is a multi-disciplinary clinic with a variety of treatments from chiropractic to colonic irrigation to private clients.  The clinic is based under the NHS GP surgery in Lilliput and is open late nights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and runs a Saturday morning clinic, to allow flexibility to suit our patients lifestyles.

To book into the private health clinic at Lilliput call 01202 72 50 90 to talk to one of our receptionists about booking an appointment with Robyn Powell.