Demystifying The Three Steps Of Colonic Irrigation

Colonic cleansing is extremely popular in Bournemouth and Poole with many young professionals, new parents and retired residents requiring treatment. The dynamic of clients varies so much and shows that a colonic cleanse really is beneficial for all.

However, many clients are naturally curious as to the nature of the procedure and some even fear that they may experience pain, discomfort or perhaps embarrassment.

This is completely understandable – so for those who have never undergone this wonderful cleansing experience, here is a closer look at exactly what will happen during your appointment with our Colonic Hydrotherapist in Poole.

Colonic irrigation is a simple three step treatment:

Step One:    Water is painlessly inserted into the rectum.

Step Two:    This water is then filtered around to the colon.

Step Three:  This process begins the hugely beneficial hydration of the colon, which saturates the matter and undigested food sitting within it.  One of the most important aspects of a colonic is the removal of trapped air in the colon.  This is excellent for clients that suffer with IBS and bloating.

Cleansing the colon can help with many conditions and symptoms, from constipation, IBS, irregular bowel movements, skin breakouts, trapped wind and diarrhoea etc.  Many clients attend the colonic irrigation clinic in Poole for cleansing even though they do not suffer with any bowel conditions.  These clients cleanse purely for well being, to rid the body of any debris, trapped air or toxins.

Here at Lilliput Health clinic in Poole, which also serves the locality of Bournemouth, our colon hydrotherapist Robyn Powell offers a wide range of appointment times.  If you are tempted by a colonic cleanse in Poole, Robyn works late nights on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s until 8pm and runs a Saturday morning clinic.

Why not contact Robyn Powell today to have a chat about the incredibly benefits of colonic irrigation? Simply call the clinic on 01202 725090 or email .

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