Some Chiropractic Tips for a Back Pain-Free Bank Holiday Weekend

An exercise a day keeps the chiropractor away!

Spring is finally here, heralding the time when we can all look forward to the numerous bank holiday weekends. To make the most of the bank holiday, our chiropractors here in Poole have a few tips to avoid back pain and injury over the bank holiday period.


Finally the good weather has returned, so much of the nation will be getting out and tending to the garden. Here are some simple tips to avoid any gardening injuries.

  • Like all other forms of exercise, it’s important that you do a good warm up. Start with lighter jobs first, then build up to bigger ones to minimise strains and sprains.
  • Take lots of breaks. Avoid bending over a flower bed for hours at a time, and make sure you take a break every hour and a half to reduce excess strain on your back muscles.
  • When lifting heavy objects, such as pot plants, paving slabs or compost, be sure to keep the weight close to your body, to avoid injury to the mid back or shoulders. Lift through the hips and knees to avoid lower back injuries.


Thinking of getting on with those little jobs around the house you haven’t had time to do yet? Our Poole based chiropractor advises the following steps to avoid back injury whilst doing DIY

  • When doing ladder work, always face your work area, avoid any unnecessary bending or twisting which can lead to lower back sprains.
  • Make sure you move your ladder around a room to avoid over stretching, and therefore reduce the risk of shoulder or mid back pain.
  • When doing overhead work such as plastering or painting ceilings, make sure you always face forward, to minimise extension of the neck.  Do overhead work in short bursts to avoid holding your neck in an extended position for long periods.
  • When kneeling for long periods if working under a sink or painting skirting boards, avoid kneeling on one knee for long periods, as this can cause pelvic imbalances and lead to low back pain.

Going away

A bit more relaxing than gardening or DIY, but going away for the bank holiday can also pose problems.

  • When travelling by car, train or plane, keep mobile by doing shoulder shrugs, foot circles and buttock clenches.  You chiropractor in Poole will be able to give you an extensive list of exercises designed to improve mobility.
  • When travelling by car, make sure you stop, get out of the car and walk around at least every hour and a half.  If on a plane or train, make sure you get up and walk around regularly.
  • When you get to your destination, don’t be tempted to relax in your hotel room after unpacking.  A 20 minute work out will help to improve spinal mobility after a long journey and reduce the risk of back pain.

Staying at Home

Many of you will opt to stay at home this bank holiday and just relax. It’s important however to make sure you keep moving.  Avoid sitting for periods longer than an hour and a half, make the most of your time off and try to incorporate some form of exercise to increase your spinal mobility.

Finally and above all our chiropractors in Poole advise everyone to keep hydrated this bank holiday weekend, as dehydration can aggravate muscle pain.

If you follow these simple tips, you should enjoy a back pain free bank holiday.  If you do have concerns with your spinal health however, and your symptoms persist you can book an appointment with one of our specialist chiropractic team in Poole on 01202 72 50 90 today.