Benefits of good colonic care

Many clients I treat come in with questions that have possibly delayed them taking action on problems or symptoms due to being too embarrassed or unsure of Colonic Irrigation.
I am going to try to help answer some of the questions.

Is Colonic Irrigation painful?

Colonic Irrigation is a strange treatment as it is the unknown. The treatment does not hurt and there are no sharp pains during the session. You may feel some mild discomfort during the treatment, similar to those of a period pain ache or upset stomach. Though most clients experience no pain at all and find the whole process relieving.

Is Colonic Irrigation safe?

When you decide to go for Colonic Irrigation you need to check who the colon hydrotherapist is governed by, are they insured, where they studied and ask about the equipment and machine that they use. Here at Lilliput Health I am governed by GPACT and RICTAT, I am fully insured, my machine is FDA approved and I only use fully disposable equipment.

How will I feel after a treatment?

After a colonic client’s generally feel really good. They feel clean, light, less bloated, sense of wellness, bright skin, vitality and some even say they feel lighter. Some clients can feel a bit lethargic, possibly get a headache and want to just relax. Like any therapy the reason for the difference in the way the client feels is depending on the level of health the client came in with, how much the body needs to sort out, how much the brain allows the body to take part in session, mental anxieties to name just a few reasons.

Is Colonic Irrigation very popular?

Yes. I have been practising at the Lilliput Health clinic in Poole for over 2 years now and even with the economic climate how it is, people are still prioritising their health and well-being. Some clients have wanted to try the treatment for years and finally build up the courage to do make that booking. The treatment is admittedly slightly strange, however more and more people are seeing bowel health as less of a taboo subject.