Achieve An Incredible Internal Cleanse with Colonic Irrigation in Poole

Here at Lilliput Health clinic in Poole we offer colon hydrotherapy, more commonly known as colonic irrigation.

Colonic irrigation is a treatment where a small speculum is inserted into the rectum and water is introduced slowly and safely into the bowel.   The colon hydrotherapist controls the machine and changes the flow and temperature levels depending on your bowels needs and will guide you through the session.  Your body will shortly begin to rehydrate, release trapped air and begin the cleansing process.

Our colon hydrotherapist has a colonic regularly, (every 8 weeks) and understands what it is like being on the other side of the treatment couch.

After sessions clients generally need to go to the toilet.  At our colonic irrigation premises within Lilliput Health in Poole we have ensuite facilities, to help you feel even more comfortable after your session.

Clients come in for poole based colonic irrigation for so many reasons, symptoms and conditions, from IBS, constipation, eczema, headaches, bloating, spasming, lack of energy, to name a few.

Some clients begin their colonic irrigation journey with a course of sessions which we do advise at Lilliput Health Poole to encourage a fantastic initial cleanse.

Unsure if you are suitable for a colonic irrigation? Why not call our friendly clinic on 01202 725090 and talk to our reception team or the highly acclaimed colon hydrotherapist Robyn Powell.