Do I Need Rehab?

Does Every Injury Need Rehab? If you would like to prevent muscle wastage, strength loss and scar tissue build up, then you need to go that little bit further and assist the body in the healing process through Rehabilitation. Rehab is essentialwhen you experience any injury. The first stage of recovery is understanding how to get from A (the initial onset/occurrence of the injury) to B (back to activities of daily

Your GP and Private Health Insurance

Private musculoskeletal healthcare Q and A’s Private healthcare is now more accessible than ever; the advent of more employers and larger companies offering private health insurance to their staff is contributing to the increased numbers of people using non-NHS services. As private musculoskeletal healthcare is an ever expanding field and with more options than ever being available to patients it is useful to understand how you can access this. Lilliput

Treatment for Trapped Nerves

What are nerves? Our nerves send information from our brains and spinal cord out over our entire body, as well as taking information from the rest of our body and sending it back to our brain. They allow us to move, sense, feel, think and assist in all of our bodily functions. So when you suffer a trapped nerve, it can be very unpleasant. What is a trapped nerve? A

Anterior Knee Pain

What is anterior knee pain? More simply known as “a pain in the front of the knee”, Anterior Knee Pain (AKP) is a frequent problem in active and sporting individuals. It is not a diagnosis but merely an umbrella term to describe the location of the symptoms and there are several anatomical structures pertinent to this area which can be the cause of the pain. In this blog our Chartered

What is a Physiotherapist?

Here at Lilliput Health we have a team of experienced chartered physiotherapists covering appointments across all of our clinics in Bournemouth and Poole. We are regularly asked “what exactly do you do” therefore we decided to outline our role a little more. A Physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who specialises in helping to restore movement and function in an individual affected by injury, disability or illness. Our aim is to

Exercise and Dementia

Exercise and Dementia On average 850,000 people in the UK have dementia, a figure which will only continue to rise over future years. Dementia doesn’t just affect the individual; it impacts on their close relatives and friends and can have quite significant life changing effects. Symptoms of dementia include memory loss, difficulty with thinking or finding the right words to use and frequent confusion. As dementia is a progressive condition,

Does manual therapy work?

One of the most common Physiotherapy treatments for low back pain or neck pain is to mobilise (pressure in different directions) or manipulate (cracking) your spine. Although this will typically only form part of your treatment for this type of problem, what are we actually achieving when we treat your spine with manual therapy? Andrew Cracknell is one of the Chartered Physiotherapists at Lilliput Health, and is currently undertaking further

Are your gluts working properly?

Are your glutes working properly? This may sound like an odd question, but finding out the answer may be the key to resolving your low back pain, knee pain or hip/buttock pain. You might say, how would I know if my gluts aren’t working properly? You can do some very simple tests yourself at home though. Try standing on 1 leg in front of a mirror, doing a single leg

Taken a Tumble?

Taken a tumble? We’ve all done it, nevertheless falling over is never nice regardless of how old you are. However as we age we are more likely to trip, stumble or have near misses and unfortunately, the risk of sustaining a more serious injury from a fall increases as we get older. Luckily you can reduce your risk of falling and therefore minimise your risk of serious injury. It has

Calling all horse riders!

Calling All horse riders! Have you fallen recently?  Did you get yourself checked out? After reading this you may think again… Dressage rider Jody Haswell based in West Sussex fell from a horse approximately 18 months ago and has since been suffering with neck pain and persistent migraines. Following a recent appointment with his GP to enquire about the same symptoms it is now thought he may have sustained a