Zoe Miles


Qualifications and experience

After 3 years of academic and practical study I graduated from Southampton University with a BSc honours degree in podiatric medicine.

With 3 years of academic and practical study, I have had the opportunity to work in private practice and the NHS, giving me invaluable hands on experience and the opportunity to work in a multi-professional team.


Treatments for foot and lower limb complaints, including skin and nail treatments, the mechanical correction of gait and posture, and surgical techniques.


Throughout my time in private practice I am very passionate about making a positive impact of the lives of people living with varied conditions that can effect the lower limbs and feet.

Why did you become a podiatrist?

I saw first hand the benefits of podiatry care. I suffered with ongoing problems with my feet and realised the importance and benefit of regular podiatry treatment.

Where would we find you in your spare time?

Riding my horse Bella. Eating out. Watching a good film. Socialising with friends.