Lilliput Health at the Bournemouth Marathon

Are you suffering with back pain from running? Back pain is the most common complaint amongst runners and is something that we see regularly at Lilliput Health. Problems in the back and pelvis will often present as lower limb pain, as a result of you compensating for the problem when you run. Additionally, poor foot function is also a common trigger for injuries to the back, knees and ankles. One

Is warming up overrated?

Do you ever feel ‘slow’ to get into your workout? Do you often feel like you only get in to the swing of your workout half way through? It could be that you didn’t warm up adequately for the exercise or for the sport you were participating in.  Is this because we think we don’t have the time, or is it because we are not quite sure what to do? Time is a

Do I Need Rehab?

Does Every Injury Need Rehab? If you would like to prevent muscle wastage, strength loss and scar tissue build up, then you need to go that little bit further and assist the body in the healing process through Rehabilitation. Rehab is essentialwhen you experience any injury. The first stage of recovery is understanding how to get from A (the initial onset/occurrence of the injury) to B (back to activities of daily

Chiropractic for Elite Athletes

ChirOlympics; helping individuals achieve their full potential! Chiropractors have been used for many years, treating top athletes in a variety of disciplines to individuals simply looking to improve their lifestyle. Ultimately Chiropractic ensures you stay injury free and functioning at your very best, leading to a healthier all round you! Chiropractic isn’t just used to treat pain, it’s to improve the overall movement of the spine. Usain Bolt, once again

Arthritic Pain Treatment

What is Arthritis? Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis that usually gets worse with age and over use. When applied to the spinal joints it is usually referred to as spondylosis. All of these can be included in the umbrella term degenerative joint disease. In lay terms, it is referred to as “wear and tear.” Osteoarthritis constitutes a major cause of morbidity, and the most frequent cause

Chiropractic treatment for headaches

Headaches at work? Migraines? How can we possibly help you at Lilliput Health? Here’s how our Chiropractors can help get rid of those lingering, bandy headaches that you suffer with that make you feel as if your head is in a vice grip. There are a variety of different types of headache that chiropractic care can help with.  Those headaches you get whilst sitting down for long periods at the desk,

Your GP and Private Health Insurance

Private musculoskeletal healthcare Q and A’s Private healthcare is now more accessible than ever; the advent of more employers and larger companies offering private health insurance to their staff is contributing to the increased numbers of people using non-NHS services. As private musculoskeletal healthcare is an ever expanding field and with more options than ever being available to patients it is useful to understand how you can access this. Lilliput

Treatment for Trapped Nerves

What are nerves? Our nerves send information from our brains and spinal cord out over our entire body, as well as taking information from the rest of our body and sending it back to our brain. They allow us to move, sense, feel, think and assist in all of our bodily functions. So when you suffer a trapped nerve, it can be very unpleasant. What is a trapped nerve? A

Chiropractic Awareness Week

Is there such thing as a free lunch? To mark Chiropractic Awareness Week, Lilliput Health are offering a very special deal for all new Chiropractic patients. First of all, we ask you book a Free Spinal Assessment (yes, free) before mid day Saturday.  If after this assessment you feel you would like to have a full consultation and treatment, we will give you £20 off as an introductory offer. We