Acupuncture in the Treatment of Swine Flu

Before writing this blog I thought that I would do a google search and ask ‘Can acupuncture treat swine flu?’ I was amazed, only 1480 search results with only several relevant articles. In fact Acupuncture is extremely effective in treating even full blown attacks of influenza, and I believe that this information needs to be disseminated to the public. There are two main methods of treatment. The first involves directly

Seasonal change on the feet

How shoes affect your feet? As temperatures and pressures fluctuate the seasonal change on the feet will inevitably mean a change in our footwear, some people may complain of dry cracked skin, others may complain or a sandy rough appearance to the sole of the foot. Others occasionally develop painful splits between the toes. If you have any concerns you can visit your local podiatrist for further advice. What tends to

Acupuncture as a viable alternative

Currently there are 7 million people taking Statin drugs in the UK, but new research published yesterday suggests this number is far too high and advises GP’s that the prescriptions of many of these patients need to be reviewed. What are¬†Statins? Statins are a class of drug used to lower cholesterol levels. High cholesterol has been linked to cardiovascular disease and heart disease which accounts for approximately half of worldwide